[Jelly Jellyfish]_Jelly Jellyfish_Methods_Production method

[Jelly Jellyfish]_Jelly Jellyfish_Methods_Production method

Jellyfish is found in both the North and South Seas, and jellyfish is rich in protein and glucose, so it is also a good food for the body to supplement energy.

The jellyfish has a crispy texture, so it is commonly used in life to make cold jellyfish.

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jpg What is jellyfish? Jellyfish is made by cutting jellyfish into pieces.

Fresh jellyfish are processed by the staff, then cut into shreds, added to the barrel, and salted.

Jellyfish in yellowish white has better taste.

When buying jellyfish silk, you should carefully observe the length, dryness and hardness.

If the jellyfish is dehydrated for too long, it will be very dry, and the jellyfish made from old salt will be very hard.

Jellyfish is rich in nutrients. One hundred grams of jellyfish contains about 12g of protein, about 4g of starch, and about 180mg of calcium. It is also rich in vitamins and iodine, and has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying and reducing sputum.

How to make cold jellyfish wire: How to make cold jellyfish wire: After buying the jellyfish wire, remove excess water from it.

One cucumber, remove the middle white part and cut into long strips.

Ginger is shredded and set aside.

Jellyfish, ginger, chili oil, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, sesame oil, and vinegar are mixed in a bowl and mixed well. Add an appropriate amount of seasoning salt, and stir for further use.

Place the sliced cucumbers in a plate or bowl. Spread the jellyfish evenly on the cucumber strips. Sprinkle a few ginger and white sesame seeds on the surface and you can eat.

This cold jellyfish is spicy and can be used as a meal or as an appetizer.

How to preserve jellyfish silk Jellyfish contains a large amount of water, which can be altered if stored improperly.

Jellyfish can be preserved.

Do not touch water with the jellyfish purchased at the supermarket. Add it to the jar of pickled kimchi, sprinkle a layer of salt on the surface, seal the jar mouth with water, and keep it sealed.

Preservation of jellyfish silk: After purchasing jellyfish silk, it was immersed in a salt and basketball solution, Lehman, soaked according to the ratio of 500g jellyfish, 50g salt and 5g staff.

The container in which the jellyfish is soaked should be hermetically sealed.

The two methods mentioned above preserve the jellyfish for a long time and can not degenerate for several years.

Note that the container must be thoroughly cleaned before storing the jellyfish.