[Can pregnant women drink red ginseng soup?

]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

[Can pregnant women drink red ginseng soup?
]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

Everyone knows the disease of kidney deficiency. It should be reminded that there are different classifications of kidney deficiency, the most common are kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. A small number of people will have both yin and yang deficiency.Deficiency of kidney yang, different types of kidney deficiency, the symptoms of patients are still different, so the medication should be reasonable according to the type of kidney deficiency, for example, you can eat red ginseng soup for treatment, can pregnant women drink red ginseng soup?

Can pregnant women drink red ginseng soup?
Red ginseng is a kind of Chinese medicine. Red ginseng has a tonic effect with high nutritional value to the human body. Red ginseng is a kind of Chinese medicine.

Red ginseng is a cooked product of ginseng.

Red ginseng is used for debilitating and debilitating limbs, with cold limbs and slight pulses, not taking blood from the breath, bleeding from the bleeding; heart failure, cardiogenic shock.

Red ginseng is partial heat and has the power of invigorating the sun. It is especially suitable for people with weak qi and yang deficiency, such as dizziness, asthma, senile weakness, weak people after illness, or excessive blood loss in women., Especially accepted.

Suitable for autumn and winter.

Chinese medicine believes that after menstruation is stopped after pregnancy, the mother’s body is in a state of yin and blood deficiency and yang is relatively rich. At this time, yin and blood should be nourished, not blindly tonic.

Taking ginseng as an example, there are many types of ginseng, such as red ginseng, white ginseng, American ginseng, and wild ginseng. Among them, red ginseng is hot and not suitable for pregnant women. Long-term use may cause stillbirth.

Although the root cause of the stillbirth is still in itself, if the original itself is weak, coupled with such incentives as red ginseng, accidents are likely to occur.

Experts suggest that, except for those pregnant women who are particularly weak, they need to take supplements under the guidance of a doctor. Pregnant women who are relatively healthy should not take supplements at will.

Such as longan, lychee, red ginseng, velvet antler, antler gum, antler gum, walnut meat, etc. are all warm supplement Yang products, adverse effects caused by large intake.

If you must eat, you can take iron skin and American ginseng in moderation to achieve the effect of cooling blood.

How to use red ginseng From the perspective of health care functions, red ginseng has great vitality, nourishing blood, antioxidant, anti-aging, and strengthening immunity.

In terms of medicinal functions, it can dispel dampness, treat qi deficiency and cold, such as hyperhidrosis, sagging stomach, chest tightness, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, and other diseases, such as insufficient yang, chills in winter, premature aging in the elderly, women’s endocrineGyro and so on.

Depending on the purpose of health care or medicine, red ginseng is taken in different ways.

For the purpose of health care, such as those who need to replenish Qi in the cold or cold, or those who need to replenish immediately after surgery, the conventional method is to use 5g of red ginseng and 5g of American ginseng.Health methods.

The old Chinese medicine recommends that the stew is the best. Cut American ginseng and red ginseng into 2 cm thin slices, put them in a bowl, fill it with water, seal the bowl, and place them in a pot for 4-5 hours.It is advisable to use two or three times, and the cumulative control within 10g.

In addition, it can also be ground and washed, and the red ginseng is ground into a fine powder, which can be swallowed daily. The dosage depends on the individual’s physical fitness, usually 1 to 1 each time.

5 grams, two or three times a day.

For the purpose of treatment, doctors need to provide guidance for conditioning. For patients with wet phlegm, you need to add Chen Pei Hu, and those without tongue coating are Dendrobium. If you have cardiovascular disease, you can add Kaitachi. The dosage is required.The doctor will deploy it according to the situation of the patient.